the momtagrapher

I’m Billie. Thirty-something single mom who dabbles in a multitude of creative avenues to give my pedal-to-the-metal mind an outlet.

My love for photos started as a young child, driving my parents crazy to develop rolls upon rolls of film for me. My obsession was solidified upon the birth of my two beautiful daughters, who have already posed for thousands of pictures in their young lives. Now, photography is my passion, my favorite hobby and an outlet for my endless creative energy. I love people, kids, pets, parties and have learned photography is my favorite way to connect with and see people. I also love, love, LOVE to write, hence the birth of this blog.

IMG_0056 IMG_0839 IMG_2593 teem

Whether it’s updated family photos, athletic teams, baby showers, birthday parties or boudoir photos for that special someone, I am for hire when you’d rather than be living in the moment versus behind the lens of a camera. Contact me at


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