the smiths went campin’

I hadn’t been camping, in a tent, in many years. In fact, my idea of camping is being on a boat all day, a hot shower in a clean bathroom and mostly A I R CONDITIONING. I’m guilty, actually, of saying “people actually still do that?” when there is mention of camping in a tent. 

(She had the tent up and staked in 15 minutes flat.)

But this year, we didn’t want to be idle on Father’s Day. We needed a distraction. I was on vacation for a week and the girls suggested…

Camping. The real kind. Which they have done with their dad almost every year. They immediately laid down some laws.

No air conditioning, Mom. No makeup. No hair tools. Real camping outside.

So I borrowed a tent, bought pink chairs and pink fishing poles and asked my Uncle to lend me his portable air conditioner.

Mom, NO air conditioning. Not even portable! 

We took off for the Chickasaw Recreation Area in Suphur, Oklahoma. I heard many great things, the photos were beautiful and I NEEDED beautiful. 

Our experience was wonderful and here’s why.

  • We stayed in Cold Springs Campground which is shaded (gah yuuussssss) and heavily patrolled by park rangers.
  • I was immediately greeted by the campground host who told us how to find everything and came around often to check on us. (Three girls camping? This was important to me.)
  • The town of Sulphur, with donut shops, a reasonably-priced grocery store AND Wal-Mart was a two minute drive from our campground. (Two words. Coffee run)
  • The entire area was SO well-maintained and the no alcohol policy seemed to be monitored closely because there were zero issues or disturbances. (Again, single mom with kids, big deal)
  • At $14 a night, plus ice and food, this was the cheapest and one of the best vacations.

A few recommendations:

Water shoes! Very rocky and difficult to really explore without them.

A bucket. No showers means bathing under spickets.

FIRE STARTER LOG. This was us, the first night, after a lantern malfunction and trying to make flames from leaves.


Fishing poles! Veterans Lake is in the recreation area and it’s SO pretty with a perfect fishing dock.



Pack up food and drinks to hang out at Little Niagra for the day. It’s in the area as well and the kids never wanted to leave!

Jump! Do it!


I loved loved LOVED being with my girls without all the distraction. I loved waking up to birds chirping, and coffee at 7am sitting still with nature. I loved all the families playing, laughing TALKING to each other. I’m already on the hunt for our own tent, and new places to experience.

For more info: Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Happy camping!


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