his. hers. ours. a blended family love story

I met the Doughty’s a few years back, working out in the gym. As I interacted more with Deek and Nikki, I grew insanely jealous of their overly-affectionate love for each other. Even in the gym, the PDA was full force. On the treadmill, lifting weights, there was no question who these two belonged to.


Nikki and I’s daughters played together in the gym child care room, and I grew to adore her spunky (and very flexible) little girl, Presley.


At first glance, her muscled up husband is intimidating. I was actually surprised to learn he was a dad, two girls and one boy, and a loving, affectionate one at that. There is nothing I love more in life than being pleasantly proven wrong in my initial judgments about people. Which is why I strive to keep them to myself, the wrong words taste gross when you have to eat them.


Photographing people has changed me for the better. Observing people during a one-hour photo session teaches a person so much, if you’re paying attention. The body language, how they treat each other, how much fun they’re having. I’ve learned that a “perfect family” only exists on Facebook, in movies, and in that (misleading) part of our brain telling us we’re not measuring up.


But happy, imperfect, doing their best and laughing with and at each other? Those do.


Successful families take his and hers and call them ours.




Thank you Doughty Family for letting me tell your beautiful story!

facebook: Billie Smith Photos


One thought on “his. hers. ours. a blended family love story

  1. Omg, that made me tear up! Beautifully written, thank you for capturing these beautiful photographs of our family. You are a true talent!! ((Hugs))


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