the caenepeel family holiday session

As a mom to two girls, these sessions always tug my heart strings. The nostalgia is almost painful, although life is smoother here in older kid life.


I’ve known Miranda for a few years and admire and respect the quality of parents she and Scott strive to be. They are playful, fun, interactive and adoring.


And then of course, I can’t be around pretty girls without sneaking some individuals. I think I was a modeling agent in another life…


I always tell people inquiring about my style that I am NOT a prop photographer. I’m a people person, therefore I don’t like to overshadow the people with props. But I do love it when families bring their own touches along.


We ended the session with a dance party, something they love to do as a family at home.


And snapped some head shots of Mom, who is a mover and shaker in corporate America.


Thank you so much Miranda and Scott for sharing your precious family with me. May these little girls always know how blessed they are to have such incredible parents.



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