tweens and toys

I often wish we could flash back to the era sans cell phones. When I heard a voice on the phone instead of deciphering confusing emojis. When I conversed face-to-face more often than I communicated through a keyboard. But I digress, that time is gone, especially when you live with an almost teenager.


And that “tween” laughs at the icons of my youth. New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson and Cyndi Lauper. These days, fame comes from being funny on Vine. Yes, the new species, they’re called “Viners”.


They get famous being funny and capitalize on that fame by designing a clothing line. That tweens beg for.


She’s a good kid, though. Actually, she’s a terrific kid that makes me proud on a very regular basis. Even when she leaves her towels on the floor (repeatedly), her coat on the chair, and her shoes in my closet. She’s an amazing kid.


And sometimes, I toss rational thoughts out the window and reward her with material things. Like said clothing line.


Then I make her model for a session, so ultimately, Mom wins. Every time.


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